Safari Tour

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Safari Tour

Iran 8 days Jeep Safari tour itinerary


Day 1-we probably arrive late at Tehran international airport, if time allows we can visit some places in Tehran in our first day. then Transfer to the hotel.


skirt of Damavand montain

Day 2Visit wild life Protected area

Driving toward north of Iran, first of all we visit Lar Protected Area, where is located at the skirt of the highest mountain in Iran (Damavand mountain). Because It consists of mountainous, terrestrial & aquatic eco systems, we could have great chance to see wild life in that area.With altitude of 2400 m above sea level, Lars provides suitable habitat for around 100 species of endemic and migratory birds such as Caspian snowcock, Chucker partridge, Eagles, Kestrel, Crane, Herons & Flamingo. Mammals of this area include wild Goat, Alborz reed sheep, Bear, Leopard, Hyena. Then visiting reineh and larijan villages, where to experience some spas of Damavand volcano. Many Domestic tourists visit these places for the natural trapy. then move to the village called nandal for overnight in the tent. Visitors will have a magnificent view of Damavand peak from this point.

Day 3– Experience Iran desert

Drive toward semnan passing through villages like polur, lassem, firouzkoh, shahmirzad. over night in hotel.
About 45 km.sandy rd. +120 km.asphalt rd.

Day 4-Driving to the village called Jandag, right in the central desert of Iran. 110 km.asphalt rd. +160 km dusty rd.over night in tents.

Day 5-Driving in the desert passing Khor-Mherrenjan-Biaziyeh-Haji abad villages arriving in chek chek village in the afternoon O/N tent 280 km.dusty Rd. +60 km.Asphalt Rd.

Iran Desert

Yazd Desert

Day 6Ancient city of Yazd

Heading toward Yazd the city surrounded by deserts, Here we are about 677 kilometres away from Tehran, situated about 1215 meters above the sea level. The city has a local airport for domestic flights. The architecture of Yazd is unique, combining a proliferation of those graceful bad girs (wind towers).visiting some historical sites.  O/N hotel.

Day 7visiting king Cyrus the great capital

Driving toward Shiraz, from yazd we will drive on the asphalt rd about 85 km.passing through cities like Mehriz, tank chenar
Until karizat village from here we will start driving through the Abar kooh desert about 70 in the desert. Then we are heading toward perspolis stay by the site overnight in Tent. Total driving proximately 160 km asphalt Rd, +90 km.dusty and sandy Rd.O/N tent

Day 8-Today, not only we visit perspolis and nagshe rostam in the morning but we also visit sites in shiraz in the same day finally we are over with our safari experience and probably we can continue journey to other destination in Iran.O/N hotel.


Perspolis in Shiraz



Iran Travel Agency

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