Semnan is one of the cities in Iran and the capital of Semnan province. This city is located in the south of Alborz mountain range and north of Iran desert on the way from Tehran to Mashhad, which has a very dry climate.

Semnan is connected to the Tehran-Mashhad national railway and about 216 Km from Tehran. The population of Semnan is 126,780 according to the 2006 statistic. Semnan people are Aryan and speak Semnani. Semnan is located at the site of the Great Fire Temple of Harris in Komesh (Semnan).

Seljuk minaret of the Grand Mosque in Semnan

Semnan Jame mosque

Mosque in semnan

This building is the oldest minaret in Iran.

Semnan History

Residents of Semnan believe that the old name of Semnan (Sim Lam) was built by two sons of the Prophet Noah named (Sim Al-Nabi) and (Lam Al-Nabi) whose tomb is located in the northeastern mountains of Semnan in a local place. Based on this, the word (Sim Lam) has become Semnan over time due to the multiplicity of uses.

Some people have attributed the legend of the original building to 2000 years BC by order of Tahmurth Deoband. which was changed to Semnan over time.


Minarate of the mosque in Semnan

The climate of this city is hot in summer and relatively cold in winter. The city’s rainfall occurs during the cold seasons of the year, with an average annual rainfall of 140 mm. The average annual temperature is 17.17 degrees Celsius, while the absolute maximum temperature is 44.5 degrees Celsius and the absolute minimum is -1.6 degrees Celsius. Also, the average number of frosty days during the year is about 48 days.

Semnan city

Semnan city overview

Semnan pottery and ceramics

pottery and ceramics are Among the important art creations and hand craft which has ability of export.