Iran Transportation

Local Transport in IRAN :

Tehran Taxi

There are taxis available for journeys through the cities. There are no taximeters in most of the taxis. It is advisable to agree on a fare beforehand. The majority of the taxi drivers speak only Farsi but they do understand English for the main landmarks and hotels, and these are generally used to give directions. There is often a surcharge for taxis operating from the hotel. Taxis from the airport are a little more expensive than street taxis, but at the end of a long journey it is probably worth the extra to have no destination misunderstandings. Fares from Tehran Mehrabad Airport are fixes, and taxis can be hired at the taxi stand at the airport. For traveling between the cities one can use taxis, public buses, the railway or the aircraft. It is advisable to use rather the bus than the taxis. For traveling by railway or the plane, the tickets have to be arranged beforehand, as there might be no ticket available just before departure.