Iran telecommunication

Iran telecommunications

Iran Telecommunication

The national telecommunication company provides an efficient international direct dial system in Iran. Most of the hotels offer usually offer direct dial telephones in each room. Faxes can be transmitted from most of the hotels.Most hotels offer internet cafes.

Mobile Operators in Iran

There are three major companies in Iran who provide Mobile communication:


This is the first mobile company in Iran and it is governmental. Covers almost all of Iran , but mobile signal maybe weak in Mountains and some deserts of IRAN . Has both static sim cards and pre paid sim cards and You can recharge Your sim card through Internet by using major Iranian Debit cards or simply buy a recharge card from any super store , Book store or Mobile service provider shops which are available all around Iran . sim cards have SMS , MMS , GPRS .It still doesnt support 3G but it is under work . You probably can use Your original sim card with ths company ( rooming service ) as this company has a contract with many major mobile companies all around the world .
web site:


The second large mobile compnay in Iran . Again it has all services like Internet Recharge , sms , mms , gprs , and … . Covers almost all major cities and roads of Iran . Recharge card is still available all around Iran in every super store or book shop or mobile service providers .
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Third company in Iran which has a bit higher calling rates and doesnt have a very good country Coverage like Two last companies . Mostly it has been used in Iran capital : ” Tehran ” .
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This operator is the first provider of third generation SIM Card ,Broadband Internet, data transmission, mobile TV, mobile banking &…
Also, to save money on SMS to Iran use a free SMS service such as SMS4all.
How to Buy a Sim Card :
To purchase an Iranian mobile sim card You shoud bring Your passport , Provide a copy of the page with Your photograph on Your passport and pay the sim card price .

The price is about 5 – 10 US Dollars for a MTN-IRANCELL pre paid sim card and 30 US Dollars for IR-TCI rechargable sim card .

Both sim cards have some credits inside them when You buy them and you can talk to a certain minutes . Incoming calls from other countires are FREE OF CHARGE and You dont need to recharge Your sim card if it is Your last days of trip and You except incoming calls from Iran or abroad .

Calling Abroad :
There are also VOIP prepaid international cards available in all of the Stores and if You want to call other countries while you are in Iran it is much better to purchase one . Commonly they are 5000 Tomans cards ( 5 $ ) and 2500 Tomans Cards ( 2.5 $ ) .
This Way You can dial a number which is written on the back of the card and after that You enter Your pin code and your number and it Dials for you .

The calling rate will be too low this way . For example if You call Canada by Your mobile phone it will cost You about 200 Tomans per minutes ( 20 Cents ) ; But if You use an international calling card You pay Only 10 Tomans for each minute of talking which is about 1 cent !! You see the rate is very good .

Iran cities code numbers

Country Code is : ” 0098 ” . each city has it`s own code for example :
Tehran : 021
Esfahan : 031
Mashhad: 051
If someone is calling You from outside Iran , they should dial : ” 0098 – 21 For tehran for example “

Iran Emergency Number :

In case of any emergency just dial the number : ” 110 ” , You will be able to dial this number with Your sim card even if  You dont have any charge on Your sim card .

Internet In Iran

Iran Internet support area

Iran internet support

Internet is commonly used in Iran . You can bring your laptop to Iran and use in some hotel`s Wifi Internet connection . There are WiFi Internet available in some cafe shops and restaurants . You can go to Internet cafes which are available all around the cities and big shopping malls and use their ADSL high speed internet with a very low price .
You can even buy a sim card and use its gprs internet connection but the speed is a bit low. This type of connection is not recommended other than to check emails, but the price is a bit high this way .
The average price for one hour Internet use in internet cafe shops are about 600 Tomans ( 50 Cents ) .

Iran tele centre

Iran communication centre

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