Desert tour

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Desert tour

Day 01/ Early morning drive to Varamin, En route you visit. Qasr -e – Bahram Karvansaray and have some food & refreshment, then drive towards the salt lake. After passing through black and Sefid-Ab mountains, we arrive at Maranjab Carvanserai, where you can enjoy tasty drinking water flowing over the Spring in the middle of the desert. O/N in camp.

Iran Desert

walking on sandy desert of Iran

Karvansaray in middle of Desert

Karvansaray in Iran

Day 02/ After breakfast, we drive towards Kashan, En route we pass through Arghonon (a visit to the most astonishing view of flocks of camels), beautiful sandy hills and witness marvelous landscape. PM tour of Kashan. Overnight Kashan.

Camel riding in Iran

Camel in Iran desert

Day 03/ We complete Kashan city tour, then depart for Natanz En route, we visit the most famous and beautiful mountainous village of Abyaneh. O/N Natanz.

Day 04/ Early morning drive towards Naeen, one of the most beautiful cities with desert features which attracts those who love profound inexplicable beauties of the nature.O/N.

Day 05/ Drive towards the central desert of Iran. (Jandagh) Through Anarak, En route, we could visit small villages, such as Choupanan, with special character houses tailored for tropical of climate. Overnight in Jandagh in camp.

Day 06/ Morning tour of citadel in Jandagh, then the route will take us towards Khour, where we could visit traditional water reservoir, then drive towards Bayazeh, there we could see one of the oldest and most beautiful castles and garden of dates & oranges, later on we return to khour and Jandagh and camp there.

Villages in Iran desert

Villages in Iran

                                        .Day 07/ Drive back to Tehran through Semnan, we end our tour in Tehran or extend for other program


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