Alcohol in Iran

Non alcohol drink in Iran

Non alcohol Beverage in Iran

Alcohol in Iran

According to Islamic law, drinking, producing and exchanging any alcoholic beverages in Iran is prohibited, and therefore the import of alcoholic beverages to Iran is illegal. Instead, non-alcoholic beverages are common in Iran.

Prohibition of alcoholic beverages

Prohibition of alcoholic beverages is a good opportunity for producers of non-alcoholic beverages. By implementing anti-trafficking programs and importing non-alcoholic beverages into the country, the government is trying to encourage people to consume such beverages. Most young Iranians turn to non-alcoholic beverages after being talked about in the media for their many benefits. These ads have had a profound effect on the interests of beer companies.

Alcohol In Islamic law

In Islam, alcohol consumption is forbidden in any way. It is also forbidden to exchange alcoholic beverages and their utensils. That is why it is illegal to import such beverages to Iran.

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