Hamedan is located in the west part of Iran.

This province is bounded on the north by Zanjan province , on the south by Lorestan province , on the east by Markazi province and on the west by Kermanshah province and Kurdistan province . Hamadan, with an area of 19,445 square kilometers has 8 counties, 18 rural districts and 68 villages, according to the latest civil divisions. The center of this province is Hamadan .

Hamedan is one of the mountainous province of Iran. the highest point in this province is the alvand peak,3574 meter high.



Hamadan dating back to 2500 years ago, it was the capital of achaemenian,parthian and sassanians.Heroduts,the greek historian, called it Hagmetaneh or Ekbatan.During the Seijuk period it was the capital of Iran for 50 years.

Most towns of this province are located on heights, so they have long, cold winters with lasting frost. Hamadan is one of the coldest provinces of Iran. Precipitation there varies between 200 and 500 millimeters a year. The temperature ranges between -4 and -33 degrees centigrade in the cold months