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14 days tour Susa Southern part of Iran

Day 1At arrival

Arrival at late at night in Tehran international Airport, transfer to the Hotel.O/N Tehran

Day 2Flight to southern part of Iran.

 In the morning visit Archeological Museum in Tehran ,in the afternoon Flight to Ahwaz, Driving toward Andimeshk city about 100 km (toward Susa) transfer to the hotel, O/N Andimeshk.

Day 3

Drive to Susa 20 Km, visiting Ziggurat Choga Zanbil, Haft tapeh and tomb of Daniel the profit retune to Andimeshk for over night.

Ziggurat of chogazanbil IRAN

Choga zanbil


Haft Tepeh

Day 4Toward Central part of Fars Province

Drive through the oil-rich lowlands of Khuzestan near the Persian Gulf to Shiraz. En route visit the ruins of the more than 1500 years old Sassanid metropolis Bishapur.

O/N Shiraz

Day 5

program start’s in Shiraz. By visiting zandiyeh citadel, Vakil bazaar and the Holy shrine shah cheragh (King of light), then drive toward Persepolis 50Km away from shiraz for overnight.

Naqsh-e Rajab IRAN

Victory of Dariush carving

Day 6-  Achaemenid Capital

start early in the morning by visiting Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab. Driving toward Isfehan En rout visiting Pasargadae palaces (Tomb of Cyrus) . O/N Isfehan.

Passargard palaces IRAN

Cyrus the Great Tomb

the Ruin city of Izadkhast IRAN

Day 7The most attracted city of Iran

– Full day program in Isfehan. We start visiting Jamme mosque which the construction belongs to 4 eras, continuing visiting 40 columns palace (Chehel soton), Ali Qapu palace and Imam Mosque. Finally bridges of sio seh pol and khajo bridges. O/N Isfehn.

 IRAN ISFAHAN Jamme mosque


Minar-e Jonban ISFAHAN IRAN

Day 8– – Drive to Kashan.En rout visiting Abyaneh Village (A beautiful historical village). O/N Kashan.

Abyaneh Village KASHAN IRAN


Day 9– – full day program in kashan.visiting tepeh sialk the historical Hill, Fin garden. Old heritage houses. O/N Kashan.

tepeh sialk KASHAN IRAN

Day 10– – drive to Hamedan Enrout visiting Qom (The holly city). Then Ali sadr cave. O/N Hamedan.

Ali sadr cave HAMEDAN IRAN


Day 11– – full day program in Hamedan.visiting Avicenna’s mausoleum, Hegmatana hill (two hills on which some of the most ancient remains can be seen) .and shrine of Esther (the Jewish Queen of Susa and Xerox’s wife). Ganj nameh the Achemenid Inscription O/N Hamedan.

Hegmatana hill HAMEDAN IRAN

Day 12-Drive to Tehran. En rout visiting the imam Khomeini mausoleum and the Tehran cemetery to visit martyrs graves who died in the war with Iraq. O/N Tehran,

Day 13– – full day program in Tehran, visiting National museum (Archaeological) of Iran, SA’d Abad palace, the old shah palaces. And last dinner at traditional restaurant O/N Tehran.

Day 14 –- Flight back Home end of journey.



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