The city of Ardabil is located at adistance of 639 kilometres from Tehran, the national capital, west to the volcanic mount of Sabalan. The weather of the province varies between extreme cold on the mountains, to moderate on the plains during winter. The name of Ardabil came from an Avesta‚Äôs (Theholy book of Zoroasterians Concient Iranians) word, “Artavil” which meantal a holy place. Some historians the establihments of Ardabil to “Bazan Firooz” . Archaeologists have recently found some historical elements in Nameen, a nearby town, which belong to the 12th-16th century BC. The Oratoie epigraph while belongs to the 7-9 centuries BC, and was found in Arasbaran, mentions that civilized people lived there in the region of Ardabil. The most important places to visit in Ardabil ars as follwing



Neior lake which is located 48 kilometres south-east to the city of Ardabil.
Shoorabil lake which is located south to the city of Ardabil.
marshlands of Ganjgah, Nooshar, Shoorgul, Molla Ahmed and peer-el-Qeer.
River sides of the river (Roodkhaneh) Baliquli Chay.
Wild life and forests of Sabalan outskirts.
water fall Goorgoor on Sabalan.
hot water springs in Sare-Ain, west to Ardabil.
mineral springs in Bila Darreh.
Shaykh Safi Tomp complex which is located inside the city Ardabil.
Shaykh Jebrayeel tomp which is located in Kalkhouran village.
Imamzadeh Salih Tomp which is located inside the city of ardabil.
Masajid (mosques) Mirza ali kbar, Jumaa. and the church of Maryam Moqaddas(holy Mary) which are located inside the city of Ardabil.
Old Bridges og Qara Sou, Eidi Gouz, Ibrahim Abad, Yaqobeyeh, Sayed Abad, Samian Kalkoran, neer, Almas,Shahr Chay and Guilandeh.
Old Bathes of Och Doccan, peer Zargar, Mirza Habib, Haj Skaykh, Mulla Hadi, Safavieyeh and Haj Raheem.
The Old Bazaar Complex


The province of Ardabil is significant from the wide life point of view. The mount Sabalan is the hostle of the wild animals of view . There are many protected wild life zones on the highlands of the province located on the outskirts of the mount Sabalan, the most importants amang them are:
Sheerwan Darrehsi, Moweel, Hooshang Meydani, qara Gouel, Khorosloo Mughan, Aqababa, Hajiloo, Tabnaq, Hassan Darrehsi, arbab kandi, and the protected zone neour which host wild animals such as wild goat, pig, brown bear, grey bear,fox, wolf, ram, Armenian ewe and rabit live in this province . birds such as partridge and egle can be found too