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Iran has no debts related to the release of prisoners

Iran has no debts related to the release of prisoners

Iran has no debts related to the release of prisonersIran has no debts related to the release of prisoners


White House spokesman stressed that the solvency of America's freedom was 5 days citizen of this country.

According to Mehr news website quoted White House spokesman Josh Earnest, White House press conference spoke about the exchange of prisoners between Iran and America. He said in response to reporters solvency of Iran, not because of the release of prisoners.

He said the release of Iranian-American citizen was 5 for justice and democracy in this country walks. He also stressed release Iranian assets not in response to the release of prisoners.

White House spokesman said it was the result of a long process to handle claims in the Hague Tribunal. In 1979, the Iranian revolution that our relationship was strained. Before the revolution, America's government had reached an agreement with the Iranian government about four hundred million dollars in military equipment to the Iranian government that the revolution of the agreement was not implemented and the money remains in the hands of America.

Ernst also noted that the issue of debt as Jmmvry want to argue, Iran is not appeasement. It is a mutual integrity.

He can not release the synchronization of assets and the release of prisoners considered to be accidental. In fact, this is an opportunity to establish diplomatic relations with Iran. Republicans in Congress had claimed before the release of Iranian debt to Iran is a sort of appeasement.