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city Isfahan
Phone +98-(31)- 32226010- 19
Abbasi Hotel Amadegah St., Isfahan,Esfahan, Iran.

Abbasi Hotel

The Abbasi Hotel (formerly known as the Shah Abbasi Hotel) is a hotel located in Isfahan, Iran.The building of this hotel was actually a Caravanserai built 300 years ago by the mother of the last Safavid King, Sultan Husayn, and gifted to the Chahar Bagh Seminary as source of income for the school.[1] The structure was renovated in the 1950s by André Godard to fight and prevent degradation.

The hotel currently has 225 rooms, suites and apartments each with unique and captivating decorations designed to bring to mind the interior of Safavid and Qajar palaces and mansions. The hotel is considered a treasure trove of Persian arts for the finesse of its wall paintings, mirrorwork, moqarnas arches, cutout stucco decorations, colored glass and lattice doors and windows.

A large dome covered in turquoise tiles is raised above the hotel which can be seen from some of the rooms.

Abbasi Caravanserai had a large square courtyard. There is an iwan on each corner of the yard where white-colored rooms are lined in two stories. The courtyard was turned into a Persian garden following the renovation of the structure.

This garden is lined with waterways, tall trees and heavenly scented flowers. The courtyard has a rectangular pool in front of the building and several smaller turquoise fountains scattered around the grounds. The garden has a beautiful view when light fixtures around the pool are turned on at night.


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