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19 Days Iran Trekking Tour

Day 1– Tehran international Airport, greeing at the airport, transfer to the Hotel’s( 50 KM 45MIN) O/N Tehran

Day 2Tehran full day program

, full day program start visiting, archaeological museum( whit in city) in this museum most of the unearthed Article which is discovered from the Archaeological sites in Iran are kept here, then Sa’dabad Palace (whit in city in North of Tehran), old shah palaces, there are 17 palaces in the huge area which of course visitors will have time to visit only two of them, the Nation palace and Green palace, then going to the Top of the Tehran by the Alborz mountain(2 KM distance from Sa’dabad Palace  and walking for 2- hours in the mountain O/N Tehran.

Saadabad palace in Tehran

shah Palaces

Day 3Drive toward North of Iran

Start early in the morning Driving to Haraz Road toward North of Iran (75 KM about 2.30 HRS). Straight to the mountain for 2 HRS Trekking to see the water fall in shahandasht village, Over night in Hotel.

Day 4Day of the most important trekking

Start of beautiful day by mountain Hiking 3-4 HRS Hiking by skirt of Damavand Mountain. (distance from the hotel 5KM), then Drive to North of Iran Amol ( distance 75 KM about 2 HRS) .O/N Amol

View of Damavand

Damavand Mountain

Day 5-visit Caspian sea and driving along the sea to Kelardasht Village(Distance 100 Km about 2.30 HRS  we will have hiking in kelardasht area for 2 HRS in the forest,Dinner in Local village family to test the local Food .O/N Kelardasht

Day6Kaleno Village

Mountain Trekking for 4HRS going from Kelardasht Village to Valasht Lake, by the lake we will have a BBQ ready for the group O/N Kelardasht.

Day 7Enter the Largest Lagoon in Iran

Drive to Anzali Port , ( 203 Km about 4 HRS) the centre of Gilan province, and Anzali port, arrive in the afternoon before the sun set we get on the boat and have 45 Minutes ride on the largest and most fascinating Lagoon in Iran( there are small boats capacity of 6-10 pax exclusively for the group ), Anzali lagoon,o/N Anzali

Day 8Spectacular village of Masuleh

Start early in the morning, driving to Masuleh village(about 100KM 1.30 HRS) the unique village in the mountainous area. This village is located on slope of the mountain. The roof of on house is the yard of the below house, then continues Driving (270 Km about 4 HRS) toward Ardabil located in the east Azerbaijan province. O/N Sareyn

Masuleh Village in Iran

view of Masuleh Village

Day 9Entering Azerbaijan Province

in the morning drive to( 25 KM about 30 min) Ardabil city tour, visiting tomb of Sheikh Safi ad-Din, then walking tour of 2 – 3 hours in the mountainous(Distance about (30 Km 40 Min) area near Sabalan mountain then visiting the spas and swim in the big pool with mineral warm spring water boiled from underground . Sara´eyn is a small village near Ardabil by Sabalan mountain where are many type of spa for different illnesses, this village attracts thousands of Domestic tourist every year -.O/N Sareyn

Spa in Iran

spa by sabalan mountain

Day 10 – Drive (300 KM 4 HRS) to zanjan, in Zanjan we visit the world famous brick Dome (Sultaniyeh dome) dated back to 13 centuries. O/N Zanjan

Day 11– Drive(329 KM about 4 HRS) to Hamedan or Ekbatana this city in the passed was a centre of many dynasties and is one of the oldest and historical city in Iran ,on the way we visit Alisadr cave the largest water cave in the world.
O/N Hamedan

Alisadr cave in Iran

Alisadr Cave view

Day 12– Drive to Isfahan. Drive(500 KM about 6 HRS) towards Isfahan on the clean High way to the centre of Art and history in Iran during the safavied dynasty. further on the way visiting the city of Qum where the sister of Imam Reza is buried, (The holly city and the shrine). O/N Isfahan

Day13– Full day program in Isfehan.visiting the famouse Imam or Naghshe Jahan sq. Ali Qapu palace and Imam Mosque and 40 columns palace (Chehel soton), Jamme mosque which the construction belongs to 4 eras, then visiting then bridges of sio seh pol and khajo .O/N Isfehan.

Day 14– Full day program in isfehan. Visiting Minar-e Jonban (two shaking minarets). Fire temple, the beautiful Vank cathedral and the Isfahan carpet and hand craft Bazaar .free in the afternoon for shopping
O/N Isfehan.

Day 15- Central desert of Iran

Drive toward yazd 320 KM in Total about 4 HRS strait driving but first we Drive for (130 KM) to Nain, visiting one of the oldest mosques of Iran.

Zorestarian Temple

Afterwards drive to temple of chack chack, This shrine perched beneath a cliff face in Iran is the most sacred of the Zoroastrian mountain shrines.

History of the temple

Chak Chak is a beautiful and the most respected temple of Zoroastrian where Nikbanou second daughter of the last pre-Islamic Persian ruler the Sassanian Emperor Yazdegerd III of Persia was cornered by the invading Arab army in 640 CE. Nikbanou prayed to Ahura Mazda to protect her from her enemies in response to Nikbanou’s pleadings. The mountain miraculously opened up and sheltered her from the invaders.The fact is that the fire in the temple has been burning for thousands of years. continue driving to Yazd O/N Yazd

Day 16Desert Hiking

in the morning we will go to the desert for Hiking ( 2 HRS about 8 KM) In the afternoon we will explore on ancient city and visit Towers of Silence on outskirts of the city, which was a burial place for Zoroastrian. O/N Yazd. .

Day 17Drive to the centre of Fars Province

Yazd city tour visiting jam me mosque then drive ( 450 KM about 6 HRS drive) to shiraz the centre of Fars province and centre of Iranian old ancient heritage the most importantly en rout visiting the Pasargadae palaces the first Achaemenid Empire Capital and Tomb of Cyrus the Great. over night Shiraz

Day 18centre of Persian civilization

Full day program drive (50 KM) Visiting Perspolis.Naqsh-e Rostam where 4 king’s tombs are located and Naqsh-e Rajab to see Sassanian base relief. In the afternoon Free at your leisure.o/n shiraz

Day 19– full day program start’s in Shiraz  By visiting Karim khan citadel, Vakil bazaar for shopping, Historical Karim khan bath Then saadi and Hafiz Tomb finally at night visiting the Holy shrine ,then flight back to Tehran to get the Departure flight back Home.Vakil bazaar

Vakil bazaar in shiraz


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