Kermanshah centre of Kurdish province and 500km away from Tehran. the most important of places to visit in Kermanshah are, Bisotun unesco site, taghe bostan, A large part of the people of Kermanshah are Kurdish tribes, and besides them, other tribes of Armenians, Turks, Arabs, Lors and Leks have settled in this city and province by migrating to this region.

Taghe bostan Kermansgah

Taghe bostan carving

The most common languages ​​of the people of Kermanshah are Kurdish. And of course the Persian language of Kermanshah (a mixture of Kurdish Kalhor with Persian) and Laki.

Kermanshah and Kurdish Language

The Kurdish language used by the people of Kermanshah. The most used of them are the Kurdish dialect of Kalhori. The Kurdish dialect of Orami, and the Kurdish dialect of Sorani. These two languages ​​are used by other ethnic groups and several dialects.

Bisotun Dariush inscription

Bisotun Inscription

There are about 28 nationally registered monuments in the Bisotun Historical, Cultural and Natural Sites, and 170 identified artifacts can be seen in the area, of which about 100 have been registered in the list of historical and national monuments


Bisotun in Kermanshah

Why is this place and the surrounding area called Biston? Where is the root of this name?. Biston’s name was originally “Baghistan”. Which was made up of the words. “Bagh” meaning God and “Stan” meaning place and land Together, these two words mean the place of the gods.

Kermanshah Taghe bostan

Taghe bostan View

Anahita palace

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